Is the Caravan Holiday Dead?

Caravan holidays in Lincolnshire

By: Paul Buchanan on Artilcelbase: With the latest predictions forecasting a sizzling summer ahead for the UK to make up for the harsh winter, it seems the trend of 'staycations' is in no danger of dying out, as holiday makers of all ages are keen to discover the abundant summer holiday opportunities of the British Isles.

These predictions from meteorological company Positive Weather Solutions, who have earned a more reliable reputation than the oft-distrusted Met Office in recent years, counteract claims that the traditional British summer holiday has passed out of favour, with more travellers seeking out experiences abroad. However, it appears that the savings made by taking seaside breaks and caravan holidays in the past few years have led many Brits to develop a taste for these home-grown options, which can represent a cheaper holiday experience for all the family that is no less enjoyable.

Caravan holidays have long been a staple of the British summertime, and still present a convenient opportunity to make the most of sunny days with portable accommodation. Whether that means renting a static caravan in a dedicated holiday park or heading out on the road with your own tourer, caravan holidays are still a cheap and cheerful method of ticking off of some of the essentials during your time away, helping money to go further when exploring the sights of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and enjoying the British weather.

Many caravan parks are ideally situated for exploring popular areas of natural beauty, including national parks and nearby cities, offering prime access to the best of nature and an easy place to rest up once the exploring is done. Caravan parks can even offer access to exclusive facilities for those staying in the area, and many also cater for specialist age groups such as the over 50s to ensure guests enjoy a more relaxed experience while away, free of the noise and bustle that often pervade family holiday camps.

There are further benefits available for over-50s when taking their own caravan around the UK, with drivers in this lower risk age group often benefiting from reduced premiums on over 50 car insurance, including a greater no claims discount. By taking out cover on their car and caravans, drivers in all age groups can relax on their holidays, safe in the knowledge that their property is covered.

The economy may be on the way to recovery, but bigger holiday budgets don't have to mean abandoning traditions, and the caravan holiday still looks set to be a popular choice this summer.

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Caravan Holidays

Caravan Holidays are the best way to enjoy a fun vacation time with family or friends. It is a very useful mode of going for a holiday, as it gives you the freedom of choice to stay wherever you wish, not have to check in and out of hotels or motels, and also allows you to stay at places where motels might not be available. Caravan holidays can also bring about a fun-element to your vacations, making it more like an exciting road-trip.

A Caravan Holiday in Skegness is very easy to organise, and one does not need to worry about the number of people that can go, or about tickets that need to be bought on normal flight or train trips, and also about the restrictions on timings. You become the master of your travel when embarking on a caravan holiday, being able to take decisions on where you wish to go, when you wish to pause for a pit-stop, etc. Another plus point of caravan holidays is that you can change your mind about where you want to go to, and not have to go along with a pre-decided plan of action.

Caravan holidays are made in caravans that would contain all the necessary features and amenities required for such a journey, like beds, rooms, kitchen area, storage space, and sometimes with fully equipped bathrooms, refrigerators, table and chairs, television etc. holiday caravans can be rented almost everywhere, with numerous caravan agencies cropping up every other day.

A caravan holiday can also be extremely cost-efficient provided a proper planning goes into the entire vacation. A caravan alone would cost about 6700 pounds if you’re buying it, or you can even rent it for approximately half that amount.

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