Fun for all the family in Skegness and the Lincolnshire coast

By: Phil Adams-Wright on Articlebase

With many people holidaying in the UK this year a lot of the traditional favourites of yesteryear are enjoying increasing numbers of UK tourists flocking to their resorts with many hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks quickly being booked up.  One obvious resort benefitting from this resurgence of UK holidays is Skegness in Lincolnshire.

Skegness, or Skeggy as it is affectionately known as, is one of the main seaside resort towns that families have vacationed at for many years; this year especially families are revisiting the family holiday destinations of their childhood introducing their children to the holiday destinations of yesteryear.

Because people are holidaying in the UK it doesn't mean that they will be missing out on traditional holiday activities, Skegness has a beach which has enjoyed favourable weather in the summer in recent years, a plus that Skegness has over many other holiday resorts is the wide range of activities that are available.  

A lot of these are thanks to nearby holiday parks all of which encourage UK families to take advantage of the wide array of family entertainment, sports and activities available. Outside of these parks there is still plenty to do in and around the Skegness and Lincolnshire coast area.

There are plenty of rural villages with farms that can be explored; one called the Church Farm Museum offers visitors an insight into 19th century farm life which could provide a trip that is both fun and educational for young families.

A sure fire hit with all family members would be the Natureland Seal Sanctuary where not only can you see seals but also a wide range of other aquatic animals such as crocodiles, snakes and fish.  Standout attractions have to be feeding time for the penguins and seals which will provide much entertainment for children and adults.

Being relatively central to the British Isles on the East Coast in Lincolnshire makes Skegness fairly accessible from most towns and cities, with plenty of motorways and train services going to the seaside resort there's no shortage of ways to get to Skegness, once there you can select form the many hotels, guesthouses and caravan sites to rest at.

Skegness is highly regarded all round the world with the travel industry with the Lonely Planet's British guide calling the seaside resort "everything you could want in a seaside resort" and various other magazines and authorities calling it an ideal family getaway.

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Visit Skegness for a Great Family Day Out

By: Jason Dawn on Articlebase

Do you have kids? If so, then I'm sure you are familiar with the problem we face, it's the weekend and you don't know where to take the kids. We have that problem all the time.

You want to take the kids somewhere where you know they will have fun, but it's got to be fun for you too. You don't want to sit for hours on end in a kids soft play centre, with banging music and screaming kids all around you.

Well, we had that problem, but found the perfect solution.  Living in Nottingham, it's only a 2 hour drive to Skegness so it's quick to get to and there's tonnes for all the family to do once you get there. The beach is fantastic, it's clean and there miles of soft sand - perfect to make those sandcastles with!

If you fancy something a little more exciting than that, then there's the fun park, seal centre, pier and there a superb small water park with shallow water, fountains and masses of fun to be had.

We have made a weekend of it and stayed in some great hotels in Skegness and spent two relaxing days there. Much better than a kids soft play centre!

We would recommend Skegness to anyone and there are some fantastic web sites if you want to do your research first. We visited and first and found them both really useful. Have fun and please share your experiences once you have visited Skegness or the surrounding areas.

Author Notes: I enjoy traveling around the UK and sharing my thoughts and experiences. Article Source: "Visit Skegness for a great family day out"

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