Making Plans For A Vacation To Skegness

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When a person loves traveling and visiting beautiful beaches, Skegness in Lincolnshire is an absolute must visit destination. The beach is a stunning and beautiful display of nature that is maintained beautifully by the volunteers and residents of the town. The beach seems to go on forever and is breathtaking when seen against the backdrop of the stunning sunset. One can understand as they stand on this pristine beach why it has been awarded the Blue Flag Beach award for cleanliness so many times.

The residents of Skegness add to the wonderful time spent in Skegness. They take pride in their town and the many activities that are offered throughout the year. The friendliness and warmth of the inhabitants makes you feel welcome from the time you first enter town.

There are activities throughout the year at Skegness so it is important to make reservations early if there is a specific event you want to attend. The hotels, B&Bs and self-catering apartments are fabulous. Many of the hotels are located in the centre of town and based in historic buildings that have been refurbished with modern amenities.

In March there is an Annual State Dance Festival that attracts participants from throughout the world. This is a fabulous event that is great fun for families. August is the week-long annual carnival that includes a week of events and activities for visitors and participants. In April and September there are annual Skegness Rock n Roll Festivals that bring the entire town to life with live music and theatre.

The historic sites that you can't miss when you visit Skegness are all within close walk of the town centre. St. Matthews Church is a stunning work of English Gothic Architecture built in 1979 and the famous Clock Tower are located on Lumley Road. Getting to the beach on Tower Esplanade will take you through some beautiful historic parts of town.

There are many family activities that will keep every family member busy. A herd of donkeys resides at the beach for riding and there is a great place to spend a few hours at the paddling pool. The Fairy Dell was completely refurbished and maintains the charm of the original design with the modern filtering and water systems that you find at a modern water park.

A short holiday at any time of year is a delight a Skegness, Lincolnshire County. Music weekends are held at the Butlins holiday resort through the off-season and there are events at the Skegness Stadium almost every weekend. A person can go to a stock car race, truck race, stunt shows, or caravan racing.

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Holidays to Skegness

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Many people are choosing to holiday in the UK this year to save some much needed money. Skegness has been a popular choice for many holidaymakers over the years and this year does not look like being any different.

For those who like to spend their holiday in the fast lane, there are plenty of activities to take part in such as climbing, canoeing, quad-biking, cycling, paintballing and the ever popular theme parks there that are a great attraction for people of all ages.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who want to kick back and relax and enjoy the sites such as Lincoln Castle which was built in the 11th Century. Here you can walk along the walls and enjoy the scenery as well as getting a feel for the cultural side of Skegness. Tattershall Castle is another place worth visiting as the castle has a moat and is great to go and look around. With traditional stone castles or golden sand castles available the choice is yours.

Whichever one you choose though you will have a great time in Skegness but why limit yourself to one or the other when you can experience both? Sutton-on-Sea has some great areas to spend your holiday and is quieter than somewhere like Cleethorpes where the hussle and bussle of holidaymakers is apparent.

From August there is the Skegness Carnival. This occurs once a year and many people come to visit during the week it is held, each year they have a different theme and this year is “Years Gone By”. Everybody dresses up and has a great time and there are always plenty of activities to do if you fancy getting involved, if not then sit back and take it all in, you are guaranteed to have a superb time.

Art exhibitions, treasure hunts and plenty of stalls all form part of the Carnival for this year that starts in August. If you are interested in sea life then the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary is a great place to visit. Feeding times are announced over the announce system so keep your ears peeled as it is interesting to see. Prices are also cheap compared to other sea-life centres around the UK so this makes it even better. Whatever you decide to do enjoy your holiday to Skegness and make sure you take a break from stress and hassle of everyday working life.

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